My research is in bioethics and moral philosophy, with a particular focus on issues that range across multiple levels of ethical inquiry. In my present and future projects, I apply contemporary meta-ethics, normative ethics, applied ethics, and social and political philosophy to provide coherent and satisfying solutions to moral problems. My ongoing projects include:

Procreation and Parenthood

"What Follows from State-Mandated Pregnancy?" Annals of Internal Medicine 176 (2023): 270-271 (co-authored with Caitlin Joelle Cain) [Journal Link]

"Against Procreative Moral Rights," Bioethics 36 (2022): 569-575 [Journal Link]

"A Portable Defense of the Procreation Asymmetry," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 47 (2017): 178-199 [Journal Link]

"Wrongful Life and Noncomparative Harm," in progress

"Procreation and the Distribution of Parental Rights," in progress

"The Right to Do Right and Procreators' Parental Moral Rights," in progress

Biomedical Research and Innovation

"Compensation and Limits on Harm in Animal Research," Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 32 (2022): 313-327 [Journal Link]

"Ethics of Information-Gathering Interventions in Innovative Practice," Internal Medicine Journal 50 (2020): 1583-1587 (co-authored with David Wendler) [Journal Link]

"SARS-CoV-2 Human Challenge Trials: Too Risky, Too Soon," Journal of Infectious Diseases 222 (2020): 514-516 (co-authored with Liza Dawson and Jeffrey Livezey)

"The Belmont Report and Innovative Practice," Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 63 (2020): 313-326 [Journal Link] 

"Innovative Practice, Clinical Research, and the Ethical Advancement of Medicine," American Journal of Bioethics 19 (2019): 7-18 [Journal Link]

"The Social Value Misconception in Clinical Research," in progress (co-authored with Liza Dawson and Annette Rid)

"The Ethics of Foreign Military Health Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries," in progress (co-authored with Hunter Jackson Smith, John Mark Velasco, John Waitumbi, and Liza Dawson)

"A Novel Survey to Assess Climate and Needs for Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) in a Military International Research Organization," in progress (co-authored with Cortni Romaine and Liza Dawson)

Population and Climate Change

"Fertility, Immigration, and the Fight against Climate Change," Bioethics 31 (2017): 582-589 (co-authored with Colin Hickey and Travis N. Rieder) [Journal Link]

"Population Engineering and the Fight against Climate Change," Social Theory and Practice 42 (2016): 845-870 (co-authored with Colin Hickey and Travis N. Rieder) [Journal Link]

Other Topics

"A Secular Argument for Restricting Perimortem Gamete Retrieval in U.S. Hospitals," in progress (co-authored with Claire Horner, Elizabeth Sivertsen, and Jeffrey Spike)

"The Disappearing Duty to Disclose HIV Status to Sex Partners," in progress

"The Case for HIV+ Organ Donation to HIV- Transplant Recipients," in progress