My research is in moral philosophy and related areas, with a particular focus on problems that range across multiple levels of ethical inquiry. In my present and future projects, I draw on insights from meta-ethics, normative ethics, applied ethics, and social and political philosophy in search of coherent and satisfying explanations of moral phenomena. My current projects include:

Procreation and Parenthood

"A Portable Defense of the Procreation Asymmetry," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 47 (2017): 178-199 [Journal Link]

"Wrongful Life and Noncomparative Harm," under review

"Procreation and the Distribution of Parental Rights," in progress

"Against Procreative Moral Rights," in progress

Medical Innovation

"Innovative Practice, Clinical Research, and the Ethical Advancement of Medicine," forthcoming, American Journal of Bioethics

"The Ethics of Information-Gathering Interventions in Innovative Clinical Practice," in progress (co-authored with David Wendler)

Population and Climate Change

"Fertility, Immigration, and the Fight against Climate Change," Bioethics 31 (2017): 582-589 (co-authored with Colin Hickey and Travis N. Rieder) [Journal Link]

"Population Engineering and the Fight against Climate Change," Social Theory and Practice 42 (2016): 845-870 (co-authored with Colin Hickey and Travis N. Rieder) [Journal Link]


"The Disappearing Duty to Disclose HIV Status to Sex Partners," in progress

"The Case for HIV+ Organ Donation to HIV- Transplant Recipients," in progress